Invoice Management

TRADEFAIRS serves as a contract partner for customers and for hotels. We handle invoicing/collection for all booked transactions. And we do so individually for each participant within the online booking (credit card) and/or by way of an overall invoice for the corporate customer that is the contracting party. Invoice verification and payments to hotels (deposits/final settlement of accounts) are handled in a similar fashion. The range of services also includes conducting negotiations with the aim of reducing cancellation costs.

In the event that the customer is the contract partner of the hotels, the credit card information of travellers can be recorded in connection with online booking service via TRADEFAIRS, for example, and transmitted to the hotels to secure the reservations. Payment of the cost of overnight accommodation is either made at the hotel on location after departure (self-paying guests). Otherwise, certain rooms that are to be paid centrally by the corporate customer can be secured at the hotels by means of a cost absorption guarantee. The invoicing for those rooms is then handled by means of an overall invoice in combination with preliminary invoice verification by TRADEFAIRS on the basis of the transmitted occupancy lists.