DERCHAMP: an allotment management system that thinks ahead.


DERCHAMP (DER Corporate Hotel and Attendee Management Platform) is a further development of the allotment management system CHAP (Corporate Hotel Allocation Platform). It currently offers corporate customers the following enhanced features:

  • registration of participants
  • provision of event information
  • booking options for various services, e.g. hotel rooms
  • workshop participation etc.
  • control of various query processes via the Web
  • and much more


Thus, DERCHAMP is two things in one: a highly efficient attendee management system and a web-based allotment management system.

In this context we also design customised websites for customers for a wide variety of uses. From processing of simple hotel bookings to complex registration processes, including online participant management. Specific content elements are stored individually within the framework of an existing structure and existing hotels with supplementary hotel information and room allotments are displayed for booking purposes. Additional information, for example travel information, can also be integrated. The Web design is based on the standard layout of DERCHAMP, but it can be adapted to a specific event design or the customer's CI. For example, by integrating a corporate logo or by adapting the design to a corporate colour scheme.