Fair information - expopharm in Dusseldorf from 13. till 16. September 2017

International Pharmaceutical Trade Fair

Dusseldorf, Germany
13. till 16. September 2017
Messe Düsseldorf
North Rhine-Westphalia
Pharmaceutical of all kinds, pharmaceutical wholesale trade, homecare products, diagnostics, diagnostic instruments, dietary products, hygiene products, cosmetics, pharmacy fittings and furnishings, DP for pharmacies, supplies for pharmacies
Show type
1st year of show
Annual, in alternation with Munich
Open to
Trade visitors
Statistics Year Total
Direct exhibitors 2015500
Attendees 201527000
Exhibitors structure
Exhibitors from 25 countries. Industry, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, specialized publishers
Visitors structure
Pharmacists, industry, services, universities and technical colleges, wholesale trade, hospitals, authorities, associations
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