Professional booking management with CHAP - the free allotment management system from TRADEFAIRS.

TRADEFAIRS offers a web-based tool free of charge which makes it possible to book rooms from existing allotments: CHAP (Corporate Hotel Allocation Platform). It consists of a special allotment management system.

CHAP is of interest for corporate customers thanks to differentiated, technical solutions for event-related management of room allotments and the respective booking processing. Because with CHAP you can:

  • manage allotments in a time-saving manner
  • record travellers
  • prepare room lists
DERCHAMP: an allotment management system that thinks ahead.

DERCHAMP (DER Corporate Hotel and Attendee Management Platform) is a further development of the allotment management system CHAP (Corporate Hotel Allocation Platform). It currently offers corporate customers the following enhanced features:

  • registration of participants
  • provision of event information
  • booking options for various services, e.g. hotel rooms
  • workshop participation etc.
  • control of various query processes via the Web
  • and much more


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