A purchasing platform with a maximum of utilisation options.

TRADEFAIRS is the leading web-based purchasing platform for room allotments during trade fairs, including the setting up and dismantling phases.

The innovative purchasing platform offers room allotments for a total of over 100 national and international trade fairs per year that can be booked online and free of charge. Up to 3,000 rooms for individual major trade fairs. In this context, TRADEFAIRS makes it possible to book allotments in advance, subject to non-binding suggested prices. For up to one year in advance.

The strong market position of the DERTOUR tour operator - which TRADEFAIRS belongs to - gives us a strong negotiating position vis-à-vis the hotel sector. That results in particularly attractive framework conditions, which you - as a customer - can benefit from directly. Interesting strategic partnerships with individual hotels and hotel chains make the offered options even more attractive for trade fair participants. Against this background, TRADEFAIRS offers the perfect combination of cost-effective prices and attractive cancellation deadlines.

The business model of TRADEFAIRS is perfectly tailored to the requirements of corporate customers - exhibitors and trade fair service companies. The primary objective in this regard is time as well as cost efficient planning and at the same time safeguarding of hotel availabilities for trade fairs in the long term.

However, TRADEFAIRS is also available to all trade fair visitors who would like to... read more

Hotel purchasing according to plan: cost-efficient, fast and individual.

If there are no hotel offers available for specific trade fairs via TRADEFAIRS or the available hotel portfolio does not fulfil your requirements, a customised event-related hotel purchasing is possible.

TRADEFAIRS will gladly accommodate the special requirements of your company by means of a professional hotel management approach. We then make individually customised purchases geared to the customer's guidelines, e.g. with regard to location, category etc. and we negotiate the relevant hotel contracts. We also monitor cancellation and return deadlines. In addition, we handle systematic communications with the participating hotels, including preliminary invoice verification. Purchasing additional rooms is also possible at any time via TRADEFAIRS.

Hotel purchasing with TRADEFAIRS also results in especially cost-efficient planning. Excess hotel rooms can be resold through the free-sale area to minimise cancellation costs and empty bed fees.